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Connect your investments to your real-life goals

Have you heard about goals-based investing? It puts you in control by focusing on how your investments can help you reach your goals.

Sure, this sounds like a great approach to investing, and you might even be thinking, “Don’t I already invest to help fund my goals and dreams?”

But the real question is, how does this work? How do you connect your account balance with your real-life activities and goals? For example—how do you see if the money you’re putting away today will be enough for your kids’ education, or your retirement?

This is where Constellation Managed Portfolios comes in.

Constellation connects the dots between your investments and your goals

Constellation is a great goals-based investment program, based on the following beliefs:

  1. You have control. With Constellation, you’re a co-creator of your investment strategy. Together, we can set your specific goals and establish your risk tolerance for each. Constellation will help us create custom portfolios for each of your goals, staying within your timeline and risk comfort zone.
  2. You have support. We get it—the world of investing can be complicated and confusing. That’s why we’re here to help you, and coach you to be more successful in achieving your goals. Did you know—studies show that after 15 years or more working with a financial advisor, advised households accumulate as much as 2.73 times more assets than otherwise identical non-advised households.1
  3. You can connect the dots. With online access to view your investments through Constellation, you can track your progress towards each goal and see your contributions adding up almost immediately. This is a great way for you to check-in regularly on your investments, and can help make the connection between your investments and your goals.

How Constellation works

Constellation provides you with a research-based, unbiased portfolio by combining asset allocation, a unique suite of funds and real-time reporting.

Asset allocation

After you set your goals and we work to determine your timeline and risk tolerance for each, Constellation helps calculate a recommended asset mix for each goal—for example, 40% equities and 60% fixed-income.

A unique suite of funds

Based on your ideal asset mix, I can build a portfolio for each of your goals, using Pathways Funds. Each of these funds focuses on a single asset class (for example, only Canadian equities, or only fixed income). This makes them a little more straightforward, and they’re great building blocks for portfolios in Constellation.

Real-time reporting

With Constellation, you can check on your investments online, in real time. You’ll see your transactions, holdings, fees and fund performance, so you can easily track your progress towards each of your goals.

Want to learn more about Constellation and goals-based investing?

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1The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, New evidence on the value of financial advice, 2012,